Cell Saver

The Cell Saver devices require normal maintenance which consists of:

  1. Cleaning the system and any spilled blood.
  2. Ensuring that the pump rollers are clean and free-rolling.

A record should be kept regularly of the date and type of maintenance performed. We recommend a maintenance visit twice a year by our team of technicians who will perform a series of maintenance controls and fine-tune the device for maximum performance.

We provide Preventative Maintenance and Repair for the following Cell Savers:


  • Cell Saver 3
  • Cell Saver 5
  • Cell Saver 5+


  • Autolog
  • Sequestra 1000

Sorin Group

  • Brat 2

Terumo CVS / Sarns

  • Fresenius/C.A.T.S.