Perfusion Equipment Maintenance

During open heart surgery, a heart and lung machine takes over the function of the heart and lungs temporarily. It consists of several components such as the oxygenator, centrifugal pumps, heat exchanger, venous and arterial cannula (tubes) and other components to maintain the blood circulation effectively. Even a minor defect such as electrical leakage can produce serious consequences to the patient.

We know the importance of heart and lung machine in today’s surgical procedures that’s why we offer timely repair assistance to fix even complicated defects in time. Our certified technicians are capable of handling a wide range of critical care equipment including Heart and Lung Machines, Cell Savers, Heater Coolers, Centrifugals and Balloon Pumps.

In United States, every day thousands of heart surgeries are performed. Due to continuous usage, heart and lung machine’s components might not work properly. Hence, it is important to perform periodic perfusion equipment maintenance and bypass maintenance to enhance its performance. We know how a sudden heart and lung machine failure can affect the overall health condition of the patient. Therefore, we use a small single engine plane to fly throughout the Midwest or wherever service is needed.

What sets our repair and preventive maintenance service apart?

  • Our certified technicians are trained to handle even complicated defects quickly.
  • Apart from fixing defects, our technicians will also inspect the heart and lung machine for possible defects and might help you to prevent frequent equipment failures.
  • We also guarantee a 20-hour or less response time or you will receive 10% off our service fee.
  • Our technicians can provide preventive maintenance and repair services for major medical equipment manufacturers including Sarns, Medtronic and Cobe.
  • After fixing the heart and lung machine defect, our experienced technicians will teach you how to maintain the critical care equipment.
  • We are a fully insured company specializing in the repair and preventative maintenance of critical care equipment.

In 2006, we expanded our services nationwide to extend our repair and preventive maintenance service to a larger number of customers. We work with all the major companies such as Sorin Group, Terumo CVS, Sarns, Haemonetics and Medtronic.

We will inspect each and every component of the heart and lung machine to ensure its good working condition. Usually, the oxygenator and pump plays an important role in the heart and lung machine. Since, our technicians have in-depth knowledge regarding modern critical care equipment, they can detect and fix even minor defects in time.

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