Bypass Services

We know the value of a heart and lung machine during surgical procedures. That is why we offer timely assistance throughout the Midwest or wherever service is needed using our small single engine plane. When it’s up to service delivery, we have our own standards and never compromise those standards. We guarantee a 20-hour or less response time or you will receive 10% off our service fee.

Our certified technicians have several years of experience in handling critical care equipment of all major companies such as Sorin Group, Terumo CVS, Sarns, Haemonetics and Medtronic. We are repair and offer preventive maintenance for a wide range of critical care equipments including heart and lung machine, cell saver machines, heater cooler machines, balloon pump machines and additional services for equipment such as Medtronic Centrifugal Pump, Sarns Centrifugal Pump and Terumo CVS / Sarn CDI Monitors.

Importance of heart and lung machine maintenance:

Heart and lung machines are priceless in the operating room and even a minor defect in its components can make things worse. So, maintenance needs to be carried out on regular basis to avoid complications during heart surgery.

Regular maintenance keeps the heart and lung machine in good working condition.

Apart from enhancing its performance, a regular maintenance program will offer a wide range of benefits such as enhancing its life span, reducing maintenance cost, minimizing the need for frequent component replacement and energy consumption.

How our bypass services differ?

  • Our bypass services not just mends the defects but perform a complete inspection to determine the worn out components and overall condition of the heart and lung machine.
  • All our certified technicians are able to fix even complicated defects that occur in oxygenators, pumps and other components in time.
  • We not only service the equipment, but we also teach your staff on how to maintain the critical care equipment effectively.
  • We know that distance might affect our response time. That’s why we use a small single engine plane to fly wherever service is required.
  • Our bypass services are tailored to suit the expectation and budget of our customers.
  • We are a fully insured company specializing in the repair and preventative maintenance of critical care equipment for Terumo, Sorin and Medtronic Products.

We work with all the major companies such as Sorin Group, Terumo CVS, Sarns, Haemonetics and Medtronic. We know the value of time that’s why we use plane, modern tools and techniques to fix even complicated defects in time.

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